Change in customs inspection after Brexit will increase the burden on the budget of Britain

According to the results of the calculations conducted by the Oxera research center, specialists were able to make a conclusion about possible losses, which might be caused by the tightening of customs inspection rates after the completion of Brexit. Thus, a change in the norms of customs clearance by customs service of the UK will inevitably lead to temporary delays, as well as slowing the pace of trade. In this case queues at borders might possibly appear..
The research center presented several options for the possible development of events. However, most experts agree that a significant slowdown of trade paces, an increase in the number of port inspectors and checkpoints, an extension of the time allocated for screening and tightening of control itself, will inevitably lead to an increase in financial costs for not less than 1 billion pounds a year.
Annual spending in this amount will create an additional burden on the budget of London and might adversely affect its condition. Given that this amount is minimal and still can be increased. It does not include total costs, as well as staff salaries, which will have to be increased.