Teletrade: reviews and benefits of the best Forex broker.

Teletrade is a group of licensed broker companies with registrations and operations in the states of the European Union, Asian countries, as well as in Africa and America. The Teletrade group of companies has about 200 offices in 35 countries all over the world. It is difficult to figure out the exact information on the number of countries and representative offices, as these figures are subject to change from time to time. Nevertheless, it is possible to find the most accurate data on the official website of Teletrade. It is also worth noting that the Teletrade broker, whose employee reviews are only positive, has a long record of working in the financial market – almost 23 years.

The company Teletrade is engaged in the sale of business, but not guarantees of fabulous profits. Business is a kind of a tool, that enables you to earn money on your own, to receive a stable profit and to keep the entire process under control. The attempt to convince a client of the possibility to obtain big and easy money, has always been used by dishonest people or companies to entice a naive client.

In order to understand what Teletrade is, and what kind of business advantages it can give, first of all it is necessary to find out for yourself what the stock market is and how to deal with it.

The stock market is in fact a financial market, where you can make transactions for the purchase and sale of shares and financial securities papers. The stock market is the central platform where deals are concluded between brokers and traders. More often, stock exchanges do not need any special offices, since bond trading occurs there in electronic form.

Advantages of business with Teletrade

Thus, finding out what the stock market really is, the advantages of business with Teletrade become quite obvious: a trader has the opportunity to trade anywhere in the world, and he only thing needed is a laptop and an Internet connection.

The main positive aspects of trading include:

  • Working for yourself. Lack of a strict work schedule, place of work and instructions.
  • Making money by mental labor. The more experience and skills a trader has, the more profit he gets. If the trader reaches a professional level, then his profit becomes very impressive and multiplies constantly.
  • Getting new knowledge and skills, self-development. Trading with Teletrade is an extremely fascinating profession that allows you to get to know yourself better, develop the skills of self-control and self-analysis necessary for life.
  • Remote work. Lack of attachment to any place of work and schedule. It should be noted that a very popular direction of trading in the form of trade becomes so called self-trading (English self trader – an independent or private trader). The essence of self-trading is that the trader works exclusively for himself, at the same time he can choose his place of work, time of work, trading strategy, etc., in his discretion. Therefore, the trader does not depend on anyone and receives money for his own intellectual work.

Teletrade the way to the financial freedom

Teletrade campaign: “24% per annum”

Teletrade, which staff reviews are very positive, accrues to its customers monthly bonuses on their personal capital, provided good trading activity on the account. The bonus value reaches 24% per year (2% per month). At the same time, the interest is charged to the client’s trading account in the first five days of each month that follows the settlement account.

The base amount for deducting the exact amount of the accrual is the total amount of the trader’s own funds as of the end of the settlement month, except for the money that was paid during the settlement month.

Teletrade: company analytics, economic Teletrade calendar

It should be noted that in Teletrade, whose official site is a storehouse of valuable and useful information, much attention is paid to analytical materials. The best experts and successful traders daily prepare useful and up-to-date analytics for the company’s clients, which helps traders in making important trade decisions.

Also worth mentioning and the rubric “Market Panorama”.

In this section of the analytical block Teletrade, updates are made to the current information every 6 hours, and the focus is on the current moment.

It is also interesting and extremely useful for the company’s customers is another service called “The Economic Calendar of Teletrade.” The calendar has collected all the most important upcoming events that may be of any interest to traders. Many people call the economic Teletrade calendar a trader’s treasury, and it really is.

Thanks to the constant automatic updating of information in the “Teletrade Calendar”, this service is indispensable in making decisions during trading on the market.

Teletrade news – is another service of this brokerage company.

Every day, the company’s highly qualified journalists are working on the selection of the most important and latest news for the column “Teletrade news.”

Teletrade - your satellite in Forex world

Teletrade news is always quality news of the financial market.

Teletrade: feedback from employees and customers

Employees of the brokerage company Teletrade speak always very positively about the work of Teletrade. Feedback from staff and employees show the high salaries, excellent bonuses and promotions, friendly team and acceptable working conditions in Teletrade. The vacancies of this company are of great popularity among Ukrainian citizens.

In the video review posted on the official Teletrade Ukraine Youtube channel, employees particularly emphasize Teletrade good schedule, empathetic leaders and a pleasant atmosphere in the team.

Reviews about Teletrade from the company’s customers are also impressed by their positive attitude and excellent recommendations. Clients of the company, leaving their feedbacks on Teletrade on various resources on the Internet, also on Teletrade official website, and  on  Youtube Teletrade Ukraine channel, are always glad to cooperate with this company, they note its reliability, stability and long working life in the market – almost 23 years . Customers are also satisfied with such services as Teletrade Analytics, Teletrade Economic Events Calendar, Teletrade News, etc. It is worth mentioning that you can always find vacancies on the Teletrade company’s official website.

For example, Ilyin Oleg from Zaporozhye is a successful trader of Teletrade, whose vacancies have opened the way for him to the world of trading. In an interview with journalist Maryana Nesterchuk, Oleg talked about his successes and work principles. According to him, he found out Teletrade four years ago, when he moved from Dnepropetrovsk to the Crimea. There he accidentally came across  with the company Teletrade, after which his close cooperation with this broker was established, which brought him financial independence and success.

Project Teletrade “Financial Literacy”

Teletrade company is working actively to increase the financial literacy of the younger generation. In particular, in one of the schools in Zaporizhzhya, Teletrade employees conducted lessons to increase the financial literacy of schoolchildren on fundamental analysis and forecasting in international financial markets. Also for the students and for their parents a holiday on the yacht was organized, where they were awarded diplomas. The most active participants of lectures were encouraged with gifts from the company Teletrade. The employees and customers feedbacks on such events confirm their high efficiency in raising the financial literacy of the population.

In addition, just recently an open seminar “Financial literacy” was organized in Odessa. The meeting was chaired by Bogdan Trotsko, financial expert and specialist in investment planning.

Entertaining and educational activities in Teletrade

What is Teletrade? This is not a company that tries  to close in one framework or go the same direction. The company Teletrade participates and organizes many sports and recreational activities, whose members have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. So, on May 27 in Kiev, a world-class event took place Kyiv Euro Marathon, in which Teletrade employees took an active part. The route of the marathon was laid along the central streets of the capital, and the whole event was attended by 2,5 thousand participants and 4 thousand spectators.

A very interesting approach to teaching teamwork in the company Teletrade with the help of playing the “Mafia”. During this intellectual game, employees have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, to train their restraint skills, observation and suggestion. Similar events of the company Teletrade, reviews about which can be found on the Internet, are aimed  to build a good team and communication in a relaxed atmosphere.

Reviews about Teletrade as the best Forex broker

Teletrade reviews - the best forex broker

Charity project Teletrade “Help”: the  help for the boarding school in Teplodar

In addition to its direct activities in the financial markets, Teletrade has organized a new charity project , called “Help”, aimed at providing all possible assistance and support to all those in need. Recently the company Teletrade, with gratitude reviews, visited the students of the Lyceum-Internet in the city of Teplodar in the Odessa region, which was left without state funding.

Thanks to the efforts of Teletrade employees, the children of this boarding school received a real computer lab equipped with the modern computers. It created the conditions for a qualitative study of computer technologies for all the children there, which in its turn play a significant role in the life of any person.

Teletrade is stable and save

Nearest Teletrade plans: opening an office in Morocco

The company Teletrade, feedback from employees about which is always very good, does not stand still, but constantly moves in step with the times, develops and expands its network of representative offices. So, Teletrade plans to open an office in Morocco in the nearest future. Morocco is a country in North Africa, a fabulous country that enjoys great popularity among tourists. The opening of the office in Morocco is expected in the next six months. In this country there is a great demand for Teletrade products,  for company vacancies and other services. Thus, the broker management decided to expand its network to Morocco, opening access to financial markets for residents of this country.

Summarizing all of the above, you can answer the question: “What is Teletrade?”. Teletrade is the undisputed leader in the financial market and the No. 1 broker in the world. After all, it is safe to cooperate with this company, it is profitable to work and easy to earn. Join the Teletrade team, vacancies of which are posted on the company’s website, and you will discover an amazing and exciting world of financial markets. Reviews about Teletrade will also be another confirmation of the absolute reliability and integrity of this broker.