Where is the “cheap, but good” rest?

At all times, new places and countries attracted thousands of tourists. What is there, where you have never been yet, what kind of culture and history there is, what kind of people there are and what they eat, this and more other things attract curious travelers.
But, what if you want to go everywhere, but the budget does not let you rush the direction your souls is desiring. There is a list of countries, which could be perfect for a beginner, also they will leave a great impression and will not hit hard on the wallet, so to speak.
The leader of such countries can be truly considered India.
If you live and have nothing to deny yourself, then you can spend from 40 Euros a day there, including accommodation, food, cultural program and entertainment.
The second country on the list can be considered Hungary – the country is multifaceted and amazing, perfect for a family vacation, and it will cost a day for just a thousand more than in India.
Next one – is Bulgaria.
There you can relax soul and body, enjoy the beautiful scenery and visit the largest resort of Golden Sands. The cost of staying there will be around 45 Euro per day.
Vietnam – tropical forests, the clearest sea, beautiful open spaces, most delicious food, opportunities for sports and much more, which this country can offer you.
And the top five leaders – Armenia. It is the oldest state in the world with incredible monuments of architecture and pristine nature. The number of attractions is uncountable, and hotel accommodation will cost no more than 40 Euros per day, but you can find even cheaper.